Types of Commercial Real Estate

If you are planning for an investment, there is no better option than to choose commercial real estate, and the reasons are apparent. This investment doesn’t only guarantee unexpected returns but also comes with some perks, considering the high security. However, before you think about investing in Commercial real estate property, choosing the right and reliable advisor is vital. And this is where we come into the play. 

Orion132 is one of the best options, especially if you are from DELHI, NOIDA, GURGAON, and nearby. However, before we delve more, let’s discuss the types of Commercial real estate. 

Commercial real estate can be divided into six main types:


Multifamily real estate is a housing possession with additional than one residential unit. This is relaxed to convert to commercial earnings through renting out the units. This is the sincerest step for investors looking to transition to commercial real estate. The weightiest advantage of preserving and renting out multifamily real estate is the multiple income streams from the numerous families that would rent the residential spaces in the property. 

Multifamily real estate can be divided into duplex/triplex/quadplex, mid-rise and high-rise rooms, student housing, and senior and assisted living.


Office Spaces

Office real estate is similarly in decent request because of its multi-tenant capacity. Founded on the property’s style and location, it can be a multi-tenant possession. Therefore, finding tenants for office spaces is typically not a task. Office spaces can be divided into – Central Business Districts: commercial regions like commercial shops in the Noida expressway that are a group of companies; Commercially Zoned Homes,  Medical offices, Suburban Office Buildings, and more. 



Industrial – Perks of investing in Commercial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate has taken off fine meanwhile the last financial cycle and is comparatively informal to enter into for investors due to its short entry cost and elasticity. Industrial spaces house industrial activities, including production and trade units for businesses. The different industrial real estate forms include majority warehouse, flex warehouse, heavy industrial, light meeting, cold storage, store, etc.



Retail real estate is that kind of real estate that households trade that sells products and facilities straight to customers, essentially B2C. These real estate properties are centrally located in the heart of the town to be more accessible to customers. If you want to know more, check out the Orionretailshops. 

Retail real estate includes public retail centers, power centers, regional malls, neighborhood shopping centers, and more. Orion132 has several Retail shops on the Noida Expressway that comes with several investment benefits.



Hospitality – Perks of investing in Commercial Real Estate

Hospitality real estate mainly occurs to serve travelers and persons looking to unwind. Hotels, resorts, entertaining parks, and homestays, and under this category. Hospitality real estate comprises inexpensive hotels, extended-stay hotels, full-service hotels, limited-service hotels, temporary rentals, etc.

If you plan to invest in Noida, Orion Retail Shops can be an ideal option. 



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